Hulu Plus far from launch, but may be “revolutionary”

Posted on May 18, 2010

The Hulu Plus subscription service is in “no way” ready for its rumored May 24th trial date, a follow-up leak claimed today. While an updated schedule isn’t available, the $10 plan is said to be still far too distant. The AllThingsD tipster didn’t explain what was holding up the expanded service, although negotiations with ABC, Fox and NBC are possible candidates.

Whenever the service launches, it’s now described by a contact as “revolutionary,” albeit in unnamed ways. Most now expect Hulu Plus to provide access to a full back catalog of TV shows but also to give access through mobile devices, possibly including the iPad.

Portable versions for Apple devices may contribute to any delay as the lack of Flash would require finding a way to integrate Hulu’s ads without a plugin. Hulu is still under pressure if so as ABC and Netflix already have iPad apps for viewing TV shows either free or as part of an existing subscription. CBS also has iPad-aware HTML5 video websites.

By Electronista Staff

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