iPad climbs to 16 percent of e-reader market

Posted on May 20, 2010

The iPad is already making a significant impact on the US e-reader market, a new ChangeWave survey suggests. Of 245 people identified as owning an e-reader, 16 percent say they own an iPad, despite the fact that the device has only been available since April 3rd. Still in control of the market is the Amazon Kindle, with about 62 percent of owners.

The same group is said to indicate significant increases in newspaper and magazine readership. Whereas only 11 percent of e-reader owners were reading electronic newspapers in February, the number has increased to 18 percent as of May. Magazines are up from 7 percent to 14 percent. E-books, the most common material for e-reading, have declined slightly in importance from 90 to 88 percent.

The iPad is believed to be directly responsible, as 50 percent of that device’s owners say they read newspapers, versus only 14 percent for all other e-readers. 38 percent are reading magazines, next to 11 percent for the competition.

In a broader survey group, including 3,174 people, some 7 percent say they are “very likely” to buy an iPad, while 13 percent identify as “somewhat likely.” Both numbers exceed pre-release results from February, measured at 4 percent and 9 percent respectively.

Of a group of 153 iPad owners, 74 percent report being “very satisfied” with the device. 17 percent are listed as “somewhat satisfied;” a mere 1 percent each are recorded as being either somewhat or very unsatisfied. Screen size and quality is cited as the most liked factor at 21 percent, followed by ease of use at 15, size and weight at 12, and portability at 10. 11 percent are disappointed at the lack of Flash, however; 9 percent apiece are annoyed by problems with connectivity and screen visibility, including keeping the glass clean. 7 percent are bothered by a lack of apps, and a similar number complain that the iPad is too heavy.

The survey lastly breaks down usage, noting that web browsing is the most popular iPad activity at 83 percent. 71 percent check e-mail, and 56 percent use apps. ChangeWave suggests that the iPad is “becoming a truly convergent device” however, since 48 percent watch videos, 33 read books, 29 percent play games and 28 percent read newspapers and magazines. A mere 18 percent are quoted as listening to music.

By Electronista Staff

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