In-the-field iPhone 4.0 test firmware shows video calling

Posted on May 23, 2010

What little doubt remained about the presence of video calling on the next iPhone may have been eliminated today as a screen capture has shown the feature running on live firmware. A source inside Apple has shown a field test version of iPhone 4.0 whose Settings area makes a clear reference to “video calls debugging” that lets engineers start, stop and export logs to track down errors. BGR didn’t learn whether this would involve a proper iChat client, traditional video calls over 3G, or both.

The feature will make the iPhone one of the few phones shipping to the US this summer with two-way video chat as an option. So far, the only other known example is Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G, which has to use special apps and will usually need either 4G or Wi-Fi for full effect. Apple’s is the only known example for the summer to have it built into the OS itself, but whether it works over 3G may depend either on Apple or individual carriers.

By Electronista Staff
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