Jobs: iPhone fans “won’t be disappointed” by WWDC

Posted on May 24, 2010

Apple’s Steve Jobs once again provided a small degree of insight into his plans by answering a fan’s e-mail. When asked if Apple had an answer to Google’s Android updates last week, Jobs said that “you won’t be disappointed” by what appears at WWDC. Londoner Bryan Webster included full details of the message origins to prove its authenticity.

While there was little doubt that WWDC would bring news of the next iPhone, it comes as even now Apple hasn’t said whether Jobs will keynote the event. He has hosted a presentation most of the time before the developer event but has rarely if ever supported that notion before it was made official.

As in recent years, Apple is expected to not just show the new iPhone but to show unrevealed apps that expose its new features, such as a possible mobile iChat. Other probable news includes the long-delayed AT&T tethering option and demos of apps built to use iPhone 4.0 or even the new iPhone. A Verizon iPhone, if real, isn’t likely to show until September at the earliest based on production rumors. [ via MacRumors]

By Electronista Staff

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