AT&T telling staff of iPhone launch by mid-June

Posted on May 26, 2010

A leak this morning revealed that AT&T has begun telling staff to expect a new iPhone launch in June with a minor surprise in store. Apple’s phone would not only go on sale that month but would be ready considerably sooner than late June. Exact timing wasn’t discussed with BGR, but Apple’s preference for Friday iPhone launches could put the release on June 11th or 18th.

Apple has had varying dates for iPhone launches that in the case of the iPhone 3G put its release a month after it became public. The time shortened last year, however, and saw the iPhone 3GS ship less than two weeks after it became public. Shortened gaps between announcement and release may be helped by Apple’s growing experience with coordinated, multi-carrier and multi-nation unveilings.

AT&T regularly prepares staff in advance for iPhone launches but usually does so to prepare them for the expected rush of buyers, such as preventing vacations through June and hiring temporary workers to help direct crowds on launch day. The iPhone release day last year was AT&T’s best single day for sales at the time.

By Electronista Staff

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