T-Mobile to have mystery early opening June 19

Posted on May 27, 2010

A leaked memo to T-Mobile stores reveals the provider has a big event planned for June 19 that involves early, 8AM openings of its stores. The reason for this remains unknown, though could be related to the release earlier in the month of the myTouch 3G Slide. The handset has been officially confirmed for a June 2nd release at the carrier, however, so this could be something else entirely.

There is also the Garminfone due for a T-Mobile release on June 9th, though this event isn’t likely to center around that handset either.

Another, again very slim possibility relates to an iPhone launch at the provider, though this would be unlikely as Apple would need a chipset that supported T-Mobile’s 1,700MHz 3G band, which could involve either a separate model or a rare four- or five-band 3G chipset like that in the Nokia N8. Apple also usually prefers Friday launches for iPhones.

By Electronista Staff
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