Next-gen Apple TV rumored to be cloud-based, 1080p-ready

Posted on May 28, 2010

Apple is actively working on reviving its “hobby” project, the Apple TV, say sources. The set-top has gone without hardware updates for some time, and is now considered outdated in terms of storage, and processing, since it cannot render 1080p. A new version of the set-top in development is said to be based on the next-generation iPhone, to the extent of using an A4 processor, a version of the iPhone OS, and just 16GB of onboard storage.

While people may be able to compensate for the low local storage with a Time Capsule, Apple is claimed to be emphasizing a cloud-based (Internet) storage system, similar to that employed for Amazon’s video streaming. The model should also strip away most ports, leaving just power and video-out, but at the same time finally enable 1080p output. Apple could potentially have to upgrade content at the iTunes Store to match, since there its video is only 720p. The company also lacks a service for streaming rather than downloading files.

The new Apple TV’s main advantage could be price, since it is expected to cost just $99, as opposed to the $229 for a current model. The device would initially appear to be a response to the recently-announced Google TV hardware, but sources insist that Apple was working on an Apple TV refresh long before the Google debut. Regardless, it is not expected to be seen at June 7th’s WWDC keynote.

By Electronista Staff

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