HTC rolling out Android 2.1 for GSM-based Hero today

Posted on June 4, 2010

The long-awaited and delayed Android 2.1 update for the GSM version of the Hero is finally being released today, HTC Taiwan announced. Whether the release is a global rollout that will include European Heros remains to be seen, however. HTC will send out a link to download the update to all owners of the Hero, but cautions that users should use Wi-Fi instead of 3G.

The update should bring all Android 2.1 features except for the intensive live wallpapers as the Hero has a slower processor than most. Better overall performance, a newer web browser, advanced voice command services and other features are present, as are access to both the updated Android Market as well as updated services like Google Maps Navigation. [via AndroidAndMe]

By Electronista Staff

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