Apple Magic Trackpad slips out pre-WWDC

Posted on June 7, 2010

A possible component of Apple’s WWDC unveilings may have been uncovered this morning as a leak has surfaced for what may be the Magic Trackpad. The design is a literal cross between the “no button” trackpad on MacBooks and the aesthetic of the Apple Wireless Keyboard that would serve as an alternative to a mouse for a desktop. Bluetooth would be certain, but the Engadget tipster didn’t have any more details, including whether it the track would be unveiled today.

The peripheral is consistent with Apple’s gradual push towards finger-driven interfaces and would give desktop Macs the same interface as their notebook counterparts. The Magic Mouse had already introduced some of this metaphor but still largely behaves as a regular mouse. It’s unclear whether Apple plans to outright replace traditional mice or to simply make the Magic Trackpad an option.

By Electronista Staff

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