Skype won’t use FaceTime, still hints at iPhone 4 video chat

Posted on June 9, 2010

Skype today clarified its interest in iPhone 4 and the possibility of video chat. A spokesman said Skype was curious about FaceTime and wanted to “see how this process unfolds” but made clear that the company didn’t have any near-term intention of using Apple’s open video call standard for Skype chats. Its now confirmed earlier remarks were simply about getting the “best possible experience” for video calls on the iPhone app, the company told Electronista.

The remarks have Skype cool on FaceTime as a complementary format to Skype’s existing codecs but do point to Skype hoping to implement video chat on the iPhone. It currently has limited support for video on Maemo phones and would get a significant boost by expanding to Apple’s platform. With the exception of the Evo 4G, Android phones don’t typically have front cameras and wouldn’t have the option; Qik is currently the only mainstream solution.

By Electronista Staff

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