Microsoft unveils Kinect motion controller, coming November

Posted on June 14, 2010

Microsoft has officially pulled back the curtain on its take on motion-controlled gaming. Once known as Project Natal, it now goes by Kinect, though one thing’s the same: it still doesn’t need a controller.

Due out in November, Kinect for the Xbox 360 will probably land in familiar territory for fans of the Nintendo Wii. Games will include everything from the usual sports compilations, racing titles and, of course, ones that’ll have you interacting with virtual pets. Without needing a controller, perhaps Kinect will lend itself better to certain games, too, such as ones featuring dancing, for instance.

Kinect will be useful for more than just controller games, too. You’ll be able to interact with your Xbox using gestures, meaning that with a wave of your hand you could navigate over to the 360’s Netflix app and queue up a movie, pause, start it and more without picking up a remote or controller.

We’re certainly interested to see how this shakes out. For instance, how much space do you need to free up to play it? Check out the video below — it looks like a lot. (Also, you’ll see another problem in the vid: you’ll look silly playing with Kinect. Even if you’re Felicia Day. Sure, the Wii made us all look like fools, but it’s the kind of foolery we’re now used to.)

One thing we can all be excited about, though? We hear Kinect will be strong with the force. That’s right: lightsabers.

By Kevin Hall

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