Apple already delaying new iPhone 4 orders to July 14

Posted on June 16, 2010


Apple this afternoon set back new iPhone 4 shipments a second time with a simple date change at its online store. New orders for the iPhone 4 in either capacity now aren’t due to ship until July 14, or almost three weeks from launch day. It had already pushed back orders to July 2 in an overnight update.

The delay is unprecedented for Apple and mirrors its revelation earlier today that it had reached 600,000 pre-orders. Shortages have been common in the past three years of iPhone availability, but these have usually followed only in the weeks after the launch rather than before. Pre-orders weren’t an option until the iPhone 3GS but were still considerably lower.

Its delays contrast sharply with other devices lately. The Droid Incredible started seeing delays by its official release, but these were sparked mostly by delays in getting supplies of the 3.7-inch AMOLED screens to make the Verizon phone. Sprint claimed breakthrough demand and shortages for the Evo 4G, but it’s now known to have shipped only about 66,400 phones to its self-run stores on launch weekend.

By Electronista Staff

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