iPhone 4 may deliver June 23, arrives at Walmart early

Posted on June 22, 2010

Apple has teased the prospect of the iPhone 4 possibly reaching pre-order customers early. The company has sent notices to readers Noel and others indicating the device will arrive at their door on June 23, a day ahead of the official release. Historically, Apple has often held back the ship date but here has explicitly warned that the iPhone 4 would arrive early.

“This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd,” Apple wrote. “Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you can check the FedEx website the morning of the June 23rd to track your package to your doorstep.”

The company very rarely allows mail orders for completely new products to arrive early ahead of retail, but it did make exceptions for the iPad’s 3G and international launches.

News of the early arrivals comes just as a scoop from an unnamed Walmart store has shown that the retailer already has its first iPhone 4 shipments. Early arrivals are common for many products, but the Engadget tip is uncharacteristic for an iPhone launch as Apple often tries to push deliveries back to avoid leaks.

By Electronista Staff

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