iPhone 4 selling out, could top 1.5 million in one weekend

Posted on June 24, 2010

Apple is selling iPhone 4s quickly enough that some stores have already sold out before the end of the day, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster discovered today. A check in the morning found that nine of 20 Apple stores had already exhausted their stock, and all others expected to clear theirs by the end of the day. Earlier iPhone launches have usually taken a full weekend before significant sellouts.

Munster also saw Apple selling many more iPhones than it has in the past. Assuming Apple reserved about half its total launch supply for those who hadn’t pre-ordered, Munster expected to see at least one million and as many as 1.5 million iPhones sell this weekend. The low end would match Apple’s previous best, with the iPhone 3GS, and so any higher sales would automatically make the iPhone 4 launch a new record.

To maintain its edge in the market, Apple may still need to maintain an extremely quick pace after the sales rush cools down. It would need to beat Android’s 160,000 phones per day, which could amount to 4.8 million phones per month. Traditionally, Apple has seen its long-term sales only go up in the months following, especially as it brings extra countries and carriers online.

By Electronista Staff

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