Steve Jobs teases iPhone 4 antenna fix: “stay tuned”

Posted on June 28, 2010

Apple chief Steve Jobs may have confirmed a firmware-based solution to the iPhone 4’s supposed reception problems through an e-mail to a fan. The executive told the reader that “there is no reception issue” but to “stay tuned” for more. The update contrasts against earlier responses to others, where Jobs simply repeated the official views about having to change one’s grip.

If related to the pulled Apple support discussion, it should see Apple fix the iPhone 4 simply by improving the response time of the baseband to switching to its best available signal. Much early speculation had assumed that the flaw was an inherent part of the phone design and that Apple might have to offer a hardware fix. Unconfirmed reports from the UK have suggested that some customers were even getting free bumper cases as a stopgap fix.

Doubts have been cast on this, however, as owners of earlier iPhones using iOS 4 have said they could replicate the problem.

By Electronista Staff

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